Lounge 2 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol officially opened

On Friday 1 July, Lounge 2 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was officially opened following renovations. The new layout of the lounge provides a better passenger flow and 20 per cent more retail and catering space. Deerns, a partner of Schiphol for many years, was involved with the renovations to the lounge.

Passenger experience key

The new lounge is divided into seven theme worlds in which passengers play a central role. Each world offers the passengers a different experience, not just for the adults, but also for children. Each theme is characterised by the use of unique materials in the design, and provides services such as seating areas, catering facilities and shops.

Because the passenger flow in the new situation is routed through the Lounge in a different way, the layout of the entire retail concept had to be changed. Deerns has held discussions with various franchisees to ensure that the design of the shops and catering facilities fits into the Lounge in the best possible way. Due to Deerns knowledge and many years of experience with the various stakeholders and users of Schiphol, the requirements and preferences of the various parties have been taken into account as much as possible.

For the decor, sustainable materials such as FSC certified wood and LED lighting with presence detection were mainly used. The total area of Lounge 2 is approximately 16,000 m².

A partner for over 35 years

Deerns has been a partner of Schiphol for over 35 years and is working on various projects at the airport. From this long-term relationship, Deerns was also involved as a consultant in the renovations to Lounge 2 from the concept phase to the implementation phase. All technical systems (electrical, mechanical, control engineering, data and transport facilities such as lifts and escalators) were designed by Deerns. The many large-scale projects involved in the renovations to Lounge 2 required frequent liaison with various stakeholders. Deerns has advised Schiphol during the various liaison meetings and has also given advice on the consequential changes.

4 luglio 2016

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