Lifts are crucial to the success of the ADAM Tower

The new ADAM Tower on the IJ in Amsterdam opened on Saturday 14 May. Shell’s former head office, with its 20 floors, is a remarkable project with an important eye-catcher: the ADAM LOOKOUT, a 74-metre high observation platform that offers visitors a view across the City of Amsterdam. Deerns is responsible for the design of the lifts and the systems for maintaining the façade.

The building will be operating 24 hours a day, with among other things two clubs, a hotel, three restaurants (one of which is revolving), a luxury loft and four hundred workstations. The approximately thirty companies in ADAM all have a link with the music industry, and include ID&T, Massive Music and Gibson.

Logistical puzzle

One million visitors will be visiting the tower’s observation platform each year. It’s quite a logistical puzzle, because some visitor flows cannot be mixed. Visitors to the panorama terrace must not end up in an office, and hotel guests won’t exactly be welcoming clubbers on their floor. This logistical puzzle was a real challenge for the experts at Deerns, one which they were happy to tackle. In consultation with the initiator, Lingotto, we went for the most sustainable and future-proof solutions for the lifts. Jochem Wit, senior transport and logistics consultant: ‘The available transport capacity per shaft has been maximized. And we opted for state-of-the art lifts with intelligent controls, presence detectors and energy recovery
We had to make many structural changes because of the extra lifts and modifications to the existing lifts. For instance, if you increase the speed of a lift, then you also have to deepen the well and the extension. We carried out the entire project in BIM to ensure that we had a good overview of all the modifications and to get a good idea of the consequences. By doing so we were able to identify and solve as many problems as possible in advance.’

Hidden façade maintenance

ADAM was given a completely new facade, with a lot of glass. In order to give visitors a clear view, that glass has to be cleaned often, especially the glass on the observation deck. Because there is a terrace under the crown, the systems used for façade maintenance must be hidden from view, and it must be possible to manoeuver them in a small space. The solution for this is a combination of customized systems with interchangeable, compact aerial platforms that have their own inside parking space. The rails remain concealed under the terrace floorboards and are integrated into the awning of the crown.

At the moment, only the observation deck and the restaurant and café, Madam, are open. The other facilities will be opening at a later stage.

20 giugno 2016

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