First PEER Associates for Deerns

Since 18 September Deerns has two PEER Associates: Peter Buurman and Rogier Crooijmans. PEER is a new USGBC certification system and is an extension of LEED for buildings. PEER is an acronym for Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal and is aimed at electricity generation, distribution and delivery at urban or campus level (microgrids).

Certifying a microgrid with PEER means that the grid’s electricity transmission network is independently assessed and a quantification is made of the generation efficiency and the reliability of the network. In addition, it ensures insight into the opportunities for improving the system. E.g. for universities, hospitals, energy providers and network suppliers PEER offers the possibility to review the performance of the own grid. More information about PEER can be found on the website of the USGBC or contact Peter Buurman from Deerns.  

23 agosto 2016

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