Dutch hospital the first in Europe to develop ready-to-use syringes with medication

The Isala hospital pharmacy in Zwolle has become the first in Europe to use a machine which produces pre-filled ready-to-use syringes. This saves time for nursing staff and considerably reduces the chance of mistakes.

Deerns is responsible for the design of the hospital pharmacy, whose requirements were drawn up in close consultation with the users. In the pharmacy, syringes are filled with medication under sterile GMP conditions in cleanrooms with a high air classification. The construction and realisation of the pharmacy and integration of the preparatory equipment was carried out under Deerns’ supervision, in accordance with Isala’s predefined requirements.

22 per cent error reduction

Depending on the required volume, the machine can fill between eight hundred and four thousand syringes per hour. These are syringes containing mild sedatives and pain relief medication. Previously, the Isala nursing staff had to prepare the syringes in the ward themselves, creating a greater risk of infection and mistakes. Isala estimates that the new production of ready-to-use medication in syringes yields a 22 per cent reduction in errors.

One-year shelf life

The filled syringes are sterilised in the pharmacy, giving them at least a three-month shelf-life; this was previously no more than a month. The aspiration is that the syringes will ultimately be usable within at least a year. The hospital pharmacy has drawn up a list of medication suitable for ready-to-use syringes, such as pain relief and anti-nausea drugs.

View the video on the syringe machine here.

28 giugno 2016

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