Chinese delegation gathers knowledge in the Netherlands

​Recently, a delegation from China paid a visit to the Netherlands. Together with Aad Hofstede and Wil van Leuven from Deerns Netherlands, they visited the Spronck Laboratory at Bilthoven Biologicals.

The reason for the delegation's visit is that China currently has insufficient technological knowledge of phytosanitary, biosecurity and veterinary medicine. There are no national standards for phytosanitary in China and there is a lack of knowledge about high-tech control facilities in the field of biosecurity. The lack of these facilities adversely affects China's international trade. China is still faced with the challenge of demonstrating that its exports of agricultural products are safe. In turn, China is reluctant to import new types of fresh products because the authorities still have too few facilities available for quarantine and for carrying out analyses on these products.

The Chinese government is spending a great deal of time and money on projects to resolve the above-mentioned problems. For this reason, delegates are coming to Europe to acquire this knowledge and to consult with consultancy firms and suppliers of equipment. Deerns was approached because of its expertise and experience in the field of BSL3 and BSL4 laboratories. Together with a representative from Bilthoven Biologicals, the delegation visited the Spronck Laboratory (BSL3 BSL4 laboratories). Mr. Schraa from the Erasmus Medical Centre explained about the construction process and the facility of the ABSL3 lab at the hospital.

Thanks to the visit, the delegation has acquired more insight into what is required to design/build similar facilities in China in terms of technology, time, expertise, process and budget.

5 settembre 2016

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