Building the energy union together

Building the energy union together was the motto of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2016. In the past days public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers came together to promote initiatives to save energy and move towards renewables for clean, secure and efficient power. Deerns published a set of inspiring articles about reducing energy demand in the built environment in order to encourage our clients, students, design partners and competitors to think greener every day. 

The built environment is responsible for 30 to 40% of global CO2 emissions, so there is a huge potential to reduce global emissions in this sector. In order to keep challenging ourselves, we report about our sustainable projects in our CSR report every year. In 2015, we once again increased the number of projects in which energy efficiency was a core aspect.

At a side event during the Climate Conference of Paris (COP21), our French colleagues demonstrated the possibilities for achieving zero energy consumption by buildings, presenting ‘Maison de l’Île de France’, a zero energy students residence built on the International University Campus of Paris. Our German colleagues completed a ‘Plus energy’ office building in Münster for LVM (a large German insurance company).

These examples show how we design innovative sustainable energy solutions. As a result, we are proud to be able to state that our internal benchmark, the ‘Deerns Multiplier’ has increased to 1,249: this is, briefly put, the amount of CO2 saved by our design work divided by our own overall CO2 emissions as a firm.

Read all articles published during the European Sustainability Week 2016.

Also after the European Sustainable Energy Week will continue to publish about sustainable solutions for the built environment. The next articles will be about Nearly Energy Neural Buildings (nZeb) and Smart Buildings. Would you like to stay informed? Follow us via LinkedIn!

17 giugno 2016

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